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About Us



WISOPTIC TECHNOLOGY - A pioneer and leading manufacturer in China

WISOPTIC has an R & D team with nearly 20 years of experience in developing functional crystals and Pockels cells. As the pioneer and leading manufacturer of DKDP Pockels cells in China, WISOPTIC makes high performance products (Pockels cells, non-linear crystals, laser crystals, etc.) which are widely used in medical and aesthetic laser, industrial processing laser, and military laser. With advantages of high quality, stable performance, and reasonable price, these products are highly recognized by customers worldwide. At present, WISOPTIC sends over 40% of its products to overseas customers in EU, UK, Russia, USA, Israel, Korea.

WISOPTIC TECHNOLOGY - A team persevering with precision and innovation

WISOPTIC sticks to its philosophy of "Persevere with precision" in very detailed segment. To keep its advantages in quality control, core technology, and innovation ability, WISOPTIC keeps  investing in manufacture facilities and intellectual properties. Benefiting from its long-run cooperation with some well-known research institutes in China (e.g. Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shandong University, Shandong Academy of Sciences, Harbin Institute of Technology, etc.), WISOPTIC is keeping upgrading its capability of supplying worldwide customers with quality products which must meet the strictest international standard.

WISOPTIC TECHNOLOGY - A vibrant workplace for passionate young people

WISOPTIC is proud of its workforce which is young but highly trained and competitive. No room here for any pedantic dogma or rigid hierarchy that might bury people’s intelligence and favor. This organization holds zero tolerance for attitude or behaviour against the core value highly praised by the whole staff - Honest, Responsible, Modest. People working in this fast growing company are happy, passionate and helpful. Through building competitive workforce and effective management system, WISOPTIC is building-up confidence and ability to implement its mission - to make good products for a better world.